Other Ideas about Evolution

The accepted scientific explanation, or theory, about the evolution of life has developed and changed over time. (That is, the idea ofevolution has itself evolved!) Here are two examples of explanations that were accepted in the past. These were considered the best explanations available at the time. Cuvier’s theory was used by many scientists in the first half of the 1800s. Lamarck’s theory waswidely used in the second half of the 1800s.

1. Download and save the powerpoint above into your Science folder.
2. Read the powerpoint and answer the following questions in your book or OneNote.

1. What was Cuvier's theory of evolution?
2. What scientific evidence did Cuvier use to support his theory?
3. What was Lamarck's theory of evolution?
4. Do you think Lamarck supported his theory with evidence? Justify your answer.

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5. EXTENSION WORK - Research "Spontaneous Generation". What does it mean and who came up with the idea. Why is the idea now considered inaccurate? Write a short report and create a new discussion on this page to post your ideas.