Evidence for Evolution

The theory of evolution can only be called a theory because there is evidence to support it. Some different pieces of evidence comes from the fossil record, comparative embryology, comparative anatomy, transitional forms and biochemical similarities.

Group work - Each group will be responsible for a different piece of evidence for evolution.
You will need to research resource material about your piece. Your task is to present information for your classmates to learn from. For example:
  • You could write some information and find some pictures to add to this webpage
  • You could design a Prezi or powerpoint to upload
  • You could create a worksheet on Word or Publisher and upload it for students to complete.

For your piece of evidence you need to:
  • Describe what it is
  • Explain how it supports the theory of evolution
  • Provide examples

Group 1
Fossil record

Group 2
Comparative Anatomy
Comparative Anatomy

Group 3
Comparative Embryology

Group 4
Transitional Forms

Group 5
DNA Hybridisation (comparing DNA between species)
DNA Hybridisation

Group 6
Living Fossils

Group 7

Group 8
Molecular homology (comparing proteins/amino acid sequences between species)